Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feedin off the Enemies
gainin all my Energy
I'm charged like a Battery
rappin bout' my life Gallery
hits me like an Alergy
worth why it gotta be Challenging,
people don't know how much I'm Handlin,
But I'm proud to see were I am Standin...
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Just Think About It...

Being someone your not will get you nowhere in life. Follow what you truley believen, dont let nothing and noone put you down..so ask yourself this queston: Are you being someone your not?
Are you living a lie? look in the mirror when you ask yourself that..then see if you would recognize "you" after..not everyone likes you, not everyone likes me, everyone has there own opinion, but you should like your self the way you are, give it up, and show your self that real smile..or else its not worth walkin another mile..


If someone could only feel my pain,
The struggles I'm going through..
Sometimes I wish it was my life that I could rearrange,
Someone there to hold you..
Something called change.