Wednesday, April 18, 2012
You don't want to show people ur corruption
so you hide those broken pieces,
ur pretty intelligent at hiding the person you are..
talented at holding the boldest secrets
you show them your indestructible
yet your falling apart
using another disguise to hide
the person that graves within your heart
your mirrored reflection is blurred
smudged with your tears
you watch the rain at your window
and think of those unreplacable years
you hold a memory or two
that formed a virus and created the disease
you die from pain
hold the shame
and expect that nobody could believe
your anxiety can't be controlled
it's so hard to breathe
you cry in hope to change
because you surely hate to dream
you think nobody understands
but I do
and these emotions are my greatest fear
I'm afraid you'll catch my identity
and swallow me to bleed
you'll be choking if you only knew
but it's not my intentions
I swear
I swear I'm telling the truth
I just want to be free
and isolate time and grieve
I wanna feel happiness
and settle comfortably into my sheets
but you don't get why I like to be lonely
you don't get that
I hate to feel lonely
you don't see I like to be the only
but I need existence
to be happy slowly
trust me
what I'm doing will benefit everyone
not just me
just follow me
trust my beauty
and hold on me..
I'm nice
I'm pure
I'm a good friend
but the perfect enemy.
I'm being honest
and modest to my own legacy
I hate to break the ice
but I do it desperately
because mentally
it stresses me
it compresses me
beneath rocks
so I'm struggling.

Written By Esra Chebli