Friday, July 15, 2011

If I were to wait beside the clock it won't take me anywhere, I just thought if I do something to forget about time, I find myself running back for it stuck in the same spot, how can I survive?, don't leave me wondering, don't leave me scared, I want to be confident you won't let me go in this thin air, I can't handle myself when your in my mind constantly, my love towards you makes me weak, it takes all my power leaves me with no words to speak, it's just me and my curiosity, your all I have, all I desire, all I want to be, but you don't always get the things you want from your dreams, because sometimes things are just too ideal.

Written By Esra Chebli
This is something I wrote to evanescence together again instrumental for a friend of mine. He wanted me to write something for him so he can record, it was based on his life and everything he's been through..I'm not finished it but this is it so far!
man I don't mean to expose..behold..the life of the grown I compose to the rights of the chrome, lights in my home..light used to exist in the sun when I walked over stones, I had steal scraping through my bones you could feel enemies hiding underneath roads I walked upon..the gates that enclosed..air was so strong I overdosed, there I was kneeling..behind the bars of heavens gates..sleeping in a jail sell over seven nine was my aim eleven was my escape, a place, freedom never exists, I betray overdose on meth and cocaine as I embrace purity upon my face, as you trace the syllables walking across this page, stomping to each breath I spit logically, as I erase the past filled with numerous mistakes, humerus to relate, mamas back to my she phased while I began to elevate..lonely was my only friend to hate, I can't take the anger it's the only thing that's fits in my place..if I could trace my footsteps back it's never to late, to scar myself with more memories it's hard to explain this pain..lookin at my reflection with shame but I came such a long way..and it means so much lookin at the person I've become, to finally find that person I love, hard to believe when I can't love myself as is never enough, and you gotta learn to accept the one, destiny flamed from the sun, aimed from a gun, it says to be loved, but you my beloved ones think of me as the only son, blood was my ego, I turned to disguised demons dressed into people...

Written By Esra Chebli