Thursday, August 18, 2011

Was it really her?
was she the reason why you stoned breathless, held yourself back on your bed restless..
is it because you can't let loose of your confessions that slept with you afraid of bein inspected
was she the reason why you cried helpless, she couldn't go on knowin she was bein neglected..
is it because u were afraid of rejection, almost sure she was leavin to get cured from ur infection..
was she the reason why you hated..over estimated this relationship, your were so in love you couldn't embrace the situation an take the shit
was it because there was another you were goin to get laid with, you knew she was waitin for that call when it was taken..
was it all her fault? when you couldn't take the guilt and consequences to your mistakes,
you knew she deserved better and could of commenced to another mate
but she respected, fell for you and wanted you more then anything
you fucked up and you were just lucky she put herself to blame..
you knew she never had the confidence or the self-esteem, when she was clearly beautiful but you were afraid she'd reveal...
you knew she was attached to you because of sexual appeal, but she revealed to you the cleavage nobody has seen..
you said it was sexy..the compliment she thought she'd never hear, when for real your buddy's were checkin up on her to the rear..
did you think she was madly in love and she was the only reason why, did you forget that what she saw was in nobodys eyes,
was she the reason why destiny decided your faith? she wouldn't have took the step if she saw all your games,
are you afraid to face the truth? are you afraid that you got so much to lose?
well by now you should know, because its you that is missing the girl you let go..

Written By Esra Chebli