Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today wasn't yesterday
but the fact hasn't changed

I'm the girl who hasn't met her grandparents before their life passed
so I care less, by 8 years old they were all gone...
I'm not depressed..never was, but it hit me all at once
could never imagine death from stress
I'm losing somebody who was once important to me
who I once saw daily but never on a bed..
what is a bed, the bed that would carry his last breath
though give it thirty days, I'm counting down..
wishin I can count back the minutes from secs
every time I said gimmie a sec was like cutting off his life
I can't explain what's in my chest
because I know it hasn't hit me yet
what can I do..
I already lost him..but still there's more to lose
I only wish I had options to choose
because I wished I was dead
spit shit from my head
rocked pills through my chest
and still never shut my eyes
now it hit me back by hitting the best
now I wish I was living
erased the words I was giving
regret those pills I was kissing
now you is a new day..
start all over?
but you can't change the fact
and you gotta remember that

Written By Esra Chebli