Saturday, March 20, 2010

missin you..
lookin in ur eyes..
holdin me tight..
missin you..
like..I'm...I'm missin ur vibe
when I think of our happyness through the night
when you ain't here..when I need you here by my side
missin your goodnight..
baby come back in my sight
when I be missin your I be missin your smile
we ain't talkin for a while..
so even if I had to walk bare feet towards you..I will
even if it'll take miles..
my heart beats as I be pressin these dials
hard to call you up
this pressure on my back piles..
missin you...
I'm..I'm..missin your love
when you use to tell me baby I'm missin your touch
I kept you warm like a winter glove
like you kept me close when I felt like givin up
while everythin reminds me of you
every step you walked I be steppin with you
feel me baby..feel the pain I'm goin through
this feelin be like december in june
whipe this snow away
because I be frozen with the thought of you
I miss you so much..
miss me the way I do
bring back the summer
or baby these flowers will never bloom..

Written By Esra Chebli