Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recess time is all we got
hurry up!!
I have a special hiding spot
my mommy packed me choclate chip cookies
we'lll eat them together in the sand box
or maybe behind the big tree with all the colorful leaves
and lay in the grass and look at the clouds in the sky
at lunch time sit beside me and I'll share my lucky charms
my sandwich of p&j is cut to the shape of a heart
I'll give you the half of one part
and will eat it together
will hold hands under the table when it's time to color
but make sure noone knows that your my lover
call me when you get home
here I'll give you number
tell your parents we have homework to do
and come over
and will share kisses and hugs until you go
hang your coat next to mine in the coat room
sit next to me when we sing the happy song
but why does the bell ring so soon
I'll see you tomorrow
you better be at school

Written By Esra Chebli