Thursday, January 28, 2010

 Yet Empty..but still so much goin on in my head
Will you care to be my wife?
yes I will..and I promise to stay with you til' the end of time
Will you be here when I need you by my side?
yes I will..and I promise I will already be next to you to show you the guide
Will you ever tell a lie?
no..I promise that it will never have to be the reason if we fight
Will I always find you right next to me at night?
yes you will..I promise my arms will stay wrapped around you til' the morning light
I love you
I love you too
So now will you wrap this ring around your finger?
yes I will..and I promise taking it off will be like committing a sin
Take my hand
and share with me a kiss
I will lock it on to your lips
I promise to never lay them against another
Me to
can we share a moment for our dance?
Yes we can
but if I step on your feet give me another chance..
Yes I will
and another chance I will always give.

By Esra Chebli