Wednesday, November 9, 2011
you gotta look at this in different perspectives..and accept it
checkin this..not the first..second, but the third view of the situation..what the best is, shit gets hectic and you are no longer impressive, because of stress it's effecting your questions, proving doubts problems are no longer sectioned, loaded all at once and you gotta compress it, until you explode and feel the refreshment of relief from the shit you injected, it's not my reflection, smokin air blazin so breathless,puffin the air outta you until gravity holds you high restless..the infection is so addictive it's endless, until you reach out for help an you can't slow down the adrenaline, it's rebellious, hard defeat the steadiness, the solvent seems to be crushed and happiness is the perfect medicine, the subliment seems to be unknown elements, balance both sides of the equation to reach excellence like your emotionally stable to your intellegence of personal development of a perfectionist as if you were definite of the definition of affectionate you wouldn't be hesitant but confident of the impediment, you would if the pain was atleast evident, knowin your tears are split to millions just makin an estimate, hurt is the sedement, the worst comes to the settlement and it keeps going on it's repetitive..

Written By Esra Chebli
It's muscular figure created this physical attraction, as it's joints fit perfectly together causin an imperial distraction, as I wake to this beauty of a painless fascist..a recognizable spark sat and never moved, even in the dark it spoke to me as it blinded the moon, if you get lost into it, you'd never want to find your way out, it's rush is so smooth, afraid to be found..I'd never want to let go of this tissue, and whisper of this magical pronoun as I kiss darkness is so visible in your light, built with razors and caved in knives broken through this cold ice, as creases fell in, tainted eyes, you'd find the rainbow in a rainy night, through it's famous delight, what it had to offer, sat in your mouth and left it to water, words were that powerful you'd begin to suffer,a heart beat would literally eat you for supper, you'd just enjoy the feeling of wonders, and simply feeling upper, but it gets rougher and rougher until you fall as it crashes you with thunder and hits you from's veins spoke through it's circulations, it's interpretations left a degree in zero relations, in my equation, through the substitution of love in this situation, in the constitution of was like no other objective, so I subject this in my perspective, so no objections, it's temperature was just about one degree less, I smelled it through it's cold breath as it hit me with it's chest, held me and threw me down with a linger down my neck, to the figure of my breasts where knocks left a beat at the set, where the sun rests over two worlds of flesh and corsets where we orbit through steps like insects, I'd just leave my thought to linger with pain, pay the cost for this misery and pain..

Written By Esra Chebli