Saturday, April 24, 2010


read between the lines when I explain...I know her inside out, Im with her just about everyday, accept when she forget about me..I see her when the sun come out..she adores her pride, I see her as Im trapped on the other side of the mirror..its this girl, first time I seen her..she looks different everytime..I dont know why..but of her theres so many different kinds..I can see whats inside..I can tell because when shes alone she releases the tears from that empty side..did ya'll expect know sometimes she forget what respect is..I like to remind when she look at me and smile I frown..she dont need to lie to I follow her as the job of a shadow..she steps on me..actin all shallow..she knows imma be set free one day..makin her soul cry I wanna sleep but she luy awake..forcin her eyes to luy without a blank..sometimes I need to get out.. especially out of her system..I can't wait til that angel comes and visits..maybe it'll allow me to go with it..but that's just how it is in her dreams...I watch the cloud above her like a t.v, she dreams about what she would love seeing...but why is she bleeding? this is gettin kinda creepy..look at this stress shes keeping uh oh she feels like please stay here! to bad she cant hear..shes in fear..don't go it will get better let out your tears..she starts crying..its working finaly...I'm going to keep making her strong..(I love what's inside of me)
I hear coming from her mind..its nice what shes telling me..I'll help her if only she was letting me..she knows she hurt me and she was so damaging...she now realizes that she had me all along as a best friend..made the disicion to stop giving away her heart and keep sipping her brain with whats best...

Written By Chebli