Friday, April 9, 2010

babe you aint answerin my messages..I call but the machine come up sayin you be back in a second..are you still remanacin..? bout ur ex, I thought u was serious no pretendin, but how come I say I love you and you leavin it pendin,,actin friendly dressin all trendy, trynna get me to envy, when u know I aint up for jelousey, is it true what they told me? is that why you aint callin? fuck it..Im sick of waitin..havin me sick to my stomache..I aint no toy to play this blemish..why you actin selfish..I told everyone you was the bestest..I trusted you..there was no need for testin, put my heart back..I'll lead where my chest is, I'm sure its the only best fit, breathless..I was stone..thought I was reckless..but now I see, you think you the freshest, to me you were so precious..I know I never showed it buyin you a Lexus..never to cautious, now we just a fossil, I guess your lips were to luscious, to lead to infatuation, miss lead our functions..these weren't my plans never knew it would be my heart u be crunchin..the pain got worse thought you would stop munchin..gummin..gummin me like you chew gum, makin fun'a me..a fool outta me..when without you I now know it's gonna be pain free..

Written By Esra Chebli