Saturday, June 23, 2012
I remember facts through out my life..but the logic changed
In fact I remember all of that like it was yesterday
and whatever occurred my two worlds separate
A sad person cries hoping happiness can relate
but happiness doesn't exist it's all in your faith
but you eventually lose that faith..and struggle to find your place
in such a small world there's so much to take
compressed within gastric tanks a breath takes a race
and before you lose it, you prepare to hate
start to seek love to feel comfort..balance, and range
but feelings are never mutual because sadness starts to phrase
and you face certain dilemmas shit gets so hard to phase
opportunities are hidden..what do you crave?
a forgetful memory, drugs..and just a few days
theres nothing to's to deep so when they ask is everything okay?
you reply..just fine..and once again elevate
distant from that person because they see your mind state
but you cant help but hide what's in this picture frame
you saunter through out nights and sleep late
take me away
take me away
you need a friend..wouldn't even consider an enemy to feel this pain

the heat at the moment suddenly rises and creates a flame
you lit on fire but leave her with stains
her tears wash that fire
she complains and complains over your ashes look at my face
you throw a bomb shell, what are you complaining about?
are you trynna say it's me you wanna replace
is their another man but your to ashamed
then she throws silence and your attention starts to fade
is this us? what have we made
talking out of your own guilt
and you tell her you made a few mistakes
I fucked her for a night..
got back to her once or twice
the reason
your answer can't be retained
her love is down the drain
she doesn't one ever will
unless they reflect upon this just like I did
just like I've experienced in this passage
love is passive...and takes your attraction
away from the bullshit in life
but the fact is..feelings do pay the price
but we get to blinded to know that
we're to hurt to show that

(not finished, haven't posted something in a while)

Written By Esra Chebli