Friday, April 8, 2011

The clock is ticking waiting for the moment it'll finally stop,
it's windin up for the next time I try to break the watch..
I'm trippin over it's hands as the numbers stop at the top..
and continue to drop,
numbers one through twelve ready to unlock
when will be my moment to shine..
or Finally die..the exact date and time
I the seasons go by
it's so funny how time controls our lives
and when we try to control it..
it screws up our minds
what do I can I escape it
how can I retrace it
convince it to take me back and erase shit
when I keep spinnin with it
and my thinking comes outta place
an I'm hidden under it
Just like the sun being trapped by the moon,
blinding the light from seeing you,
now it's only night and I sleep to dream it through..
walking past these frightening shadows that erase these clues
stop this shit please why would you get up and leave me..
your supposed to be here not trap and deceive me
you leave my thoughts crushed and my eyes blinded bleeding,
leave me wondering why when I thought I was healing..
your blocking the path of my life while I kneel here screaming,
begging for you to give it back and quit the stealing
life gets so difficult when time only leaves us breathing
why do you think there is so much cheating?
it's 10:30pm an I'm writin this out..
it's a sickening day
you don't need to hear me out..
a boy isn't what the story's about
time is finally dead nobody needs it around..

Written By Esra Chebli

Hes like the mirror I stare at, I can't get to the other side..
with a wonder and a feelin..nobody can realize
like the image that can't get any clearer of what's really inside
hes like the motion of tears that runs down from my eye
hes the reason to all my possibilities when I write
with every breath and every muscle it takes to make me survive
hes the colour..he brings the nutrition in my life
without him I think I'd be damned to see the light..
alone..because I'd rather spend my loneliness with you
while you hold me stiff when these dark nights go blue
watch the sun rise together and sit in the earths shoes,
boats that rock us on top long seas while depth moves
when I battle a war I wanna fight it with you
with all the hastle and the trouble will both go through
and if I dream I want this dream to be true
because your all I dream of you don't even have a clue
seein your face energizes my heart and fits it back in place
you don't understand what I mean when I say nobody can take your place
in those thoughts I can't seem to erase
the words that break down and build up with ur name
boy ur the wonder I can't seem to trace
ur the bundle of tears I hope to drain
ur amazing that no words can phrase
what can I say when a million thoughts of you rushin through my brain
and it's something to hate
when your not next to me
and I sit here dreamin awake while you push me away
in the good times that fade..
when you made me laugh..
when you made me cry
hangin up on my face..
during the middle of the night,
can I try to get this right
let me say..your not movin on with your life..
unless I'm with you
because your my life
and nobody can take that away from me..

Written By Esra Chebli