Saturday, May 21, 2011

Umm..Love fails on people BUT itself
Love is selfish
Love is cruel
Love is..Stupid!
Love is nothing but useless..
so why do we use it?
For Pleasure
For Pain
Love fails in every game
oh..that's the antagonist in this story
ahhh "it will never be the same.."
forgot to mention "it's way to late"
Love have you ever told anyone your wife was Hate?
you control life you drive me insane
who the hell are you anyway?
your planted in my bones what do you hold me against
you make me afraid
but why should I fear you..
you haunt me with your trace
fuck you memories
since when do I beg for a bitch to stay?
but I'm the bitch here wait!
you got me hooked on your drugs
you take me away
you lift me up and say
this is a much healthier way you find this shit in cocaine
your the demon tellin me it's gonna be okay
manipulate me and block my own face
bring that rush through my veins
controlling my mind erasing everything in my brain
I lose my balance
and once I find you I'm shattered in pain..

Written By Esra Chebli

I can't spit my thoughts on paper
Give me some