Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here I am about to spit another line..
another verse to converse on the shit that's inside
givin all I got to serve but all I got to provide,
hang in there for a while, let the bol-shit slide..
only for now cuz I promise you'll see a smile..
all it takes is openin your eyes and walkin another mile,
pain is hurtless after a while like the burns after a fire..

Written By Esra Chebli
The way it was

We used to lock our secrets and turn the page
we used to drop the seasons and go by the date..
 and walk on the peices and find a new way..

you used to stop the rain when it began to pour,
you used to save the words for me and put your own breath on hold
we used to talk and now it's like I don't know you anymore
we would walk the battle together and win the war..

It used to be only the year that proved us apart
it used to be the guys that broke each others hearts
behind each other I thought we'd always march
but your off the road with a brand new start

it used to be the love I would embrace
not the tears that slide down my face
it used to be you I would cry of not the words you say

It used to be your arms that I would fall into
now your to far away
it's now your soul I try to break through
using distance to stay..

we used to hold hands out of love not hate
we used to draw and erase the simplest mistakes

Now it's like I lay alone and tell myself this is the last time
now it's like I lay alone hopin you'd at least apologize
Hopefully you stick to those words that I couldn't seem to fight
and stick to my side until the day I die

You know my every breath
my every move
even what I think of without sharin my thoughts to you

you knew exactly what I kept
and why I fought to
you felt the anger and the exact things I was going through
said you'll be here and walked in the same shoes..

As soons as I shut my eyes there you were running from me
here I am playing hide an seek..
guess who..and guess why
I can't reach..

quit playing games and talk to me
throw those shoes off and walk on me
stomp your feet stop speaking to me anonymously..

Written By Esra Chebli