Sunday, May 9, 2010

I got the prettyness of a jewl, I city slik around a pool..across from cali to afg where I see dem canadian troops..I got the cold shoulder..but aint as bad as hitler had on jews..Im so chilled, I keep sippin on chilled juice..I got the feels of ben own skills like harajuku..Im from my own I plan on marryin pluto..never got a trophee from a juno..but I keep rappin my words..while my words change like rumors..I change your mind.. like Imma fuckin brain be invaded by me like Im the fuckin love guro..Im ur emotion.. so keep laughin cuz Im ur humor..I take harold and kumor..I dont gotta be a hero Im already super,Im spiderwoman..Im superwoman..Im batwoman..Im the fuckin sent in hugo..Im dead but I keep growin like a cuticle..Im what makes storms beautiful..I bring the happyness in a funeral..the latest comin soon to ya'll,you can tell me what to do..but I wont do it at all..I want it my way..even if the sky falls..I decide when time rolls..Im the president..the fuckin king..I dont want my nails painted in nail pilish..I want it rimmed in gold..Ill keep spendin til every bank gets demolished..Im so clean..I need everything flawless..I make it possible to grow paper..even if Im jobless..I keep it runnin smooth..while you the car rustin..I keep writin.. and you stay in the bars humpin..I work my way while you keep hustlin, my blood stay lungs stay runnin..even if I fog up my needa stay fuckin..I can make it even if my luck slim..people lovin me like micmacs lovin it..Im the winner ya'll can suck it...all you chicks are good at is goin shoppin..make somethin good outta urself..atleast shut ur legs and lock it..others behind you who are mockin..I dont needa impress nobody fuckin around topless..

Written By Esra Chebli