Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Life...

When their ain't a problem you can solve on your own..
their ain't no maury..
what would you do if it ain't ur fault an u felt sorry
like when the rain can't stop paurin..
turn the lights on to remember the sun..
but the light bring back flash memmories from the shot of the gun..
when I first my life is actually tuff
when it took just to make it all fucked up
gotten older..felt so sucked up..
drivin on the road of my life with a rusted truck.
couldn't aford them fancy ones..
so it stopped me a couple of times
caused me to bust a pile of rhymes...
forgettin nearly half my lines..
there to much goin on in my mind...
so yeah..this an issue hard to find..
planted in me..from the seed planted in my mammas belly
this is livin crime...
when you in jail for nothin...
all I'm hidin is a lie...
so I'm afraid to cry..
cover my face just incase my tears expose the truth about my life
I keep holdin on a knife..
noone protect me but I...
haven't been like them others stressed to relieve there pain by gettin high..
tried holdin on to pride..
but slipped from the palms of my left with nothin
but the ashes from this burned up guide..

This is the life...or should I say never had one..
no child hood..and the crap ain't even done..
it's the wild hood...
a wild hood story..would change everythin if I could
blamed it on myself..I was to sorry..
when I found out bout the bolshit..and their was no Maury
tried to toss it..but the rain didn't stop paurin..
never happy with myself..
I know that bad for my health
so Im left with a felt..
I write up my regrets..
and leave me on to melt..

Written By Ersa Chebli