Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monday is my first practical exam for a color application and style which we'll get 1.5 hours to do, along with a theory test on the chemistry of hair color. Today I practiced for my timing, so basically sectioning the hair into quadrants for a hair color service and applying the color on the hair is supposed to take me a maximum of 20min, the hair is a permanent color which will process for 45min and I'll have 15min to style!
I did make it today within the timing, so I'm fairly excited to do this on Monday. It's funny how when your so passionate about something and your doing something you enjoy, nothing not even the 50 pages of homework, and the long hours of 9-5, sitting in a desk learning something you have interest in is the best thing ever. What you see above is the reason why I love doing hair..You see your accomplishments, and watch your talents grow. If that mannequin was a real client and I were to do their hair, I wouldn't just feel good about what I have achieved, but also making my client feel good about themselves..
Nothings better then feeling