Sunday, April 11, 2010

That Empty Part Of Me...

listen to this melody in a lullabuy..
a kiss goodnight is gonna keep the tears outta my eyes
maybe I'll have a dream that will make me forget the pain in my life
read me a story book with pictures inside..
take me away to the land of paradise..
where there is no such thing called "pain"
and there is only tears of happyness
and no games
and flowers that never die..with no clouds that cry..their is no rain
the sun never becomes brighter everytime you look at the sky
no time never run outta anything..
even teddy bears sing
where butterflies grant my every wish...
but thats just dreamin..
im here and..
I ain't livin in heaven..
I don't expect to..
I accept pretendin..
If I were givin a chance to grant a wish from a gene in a bottle..
the only thing I would ask for is...
To Fill Up This Empty Part Of Me...
That Part That Never Seems To Feel Complete..

Written By Esra Chebli..