Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just do what I ask you to,
just trust me I know what to do,
we'll come together someday
maybe soon
just leave
and I'll get back at you
So pretty,
her eyes shine like the night lights in the city
but for she is a pity..
and sings a melody of a ditty
then she writes a letter ending it dearly
but leaves it in her diary
nothing will happen clearly
she still dreams on fearly
very briny..
this is about a girl who so pretty
It's 4:30 at night, and I'm beginning to write,
I turn on the light to improve my sight,
I put the earphones on and listen to the melody of a song..
I begin the first sentence but it sounds so wrong
an unusual difficulty
I usually have so much to spit outta my system
I begin to listen
the sound of the wind coming from the window in the kitchen
it brings back memmories of when we were children
after a long day of playing
laying in my bed tired
my bedroom curtains are highered
I would stare at the face of the moon
I lick my lips and taste the left overs of my dinner soup..
shooting stars race pass my window in the night sky
oh how i wondered what it was like to fly
I hear a tap coming from my door,
obviously it was my mother coming to tuck me in to read me a story book
it sucks now that I'm older,
I can read a book on my own..
we moved to a new home,
now I'm mature and I don't do the things i use to do no more..