Sunday, September 12, 2010

 I'm gonna run from until I'm finaly through..
shut my eyes and keep my mind blank,
I'm gonna hide far past rivers and beneath mountains..
set with the sun fall with the rain,
I'm gonna embrace the pain from water fountains..
lock myself in a cage,
I'm gonna hold myself down onto my broken knees..
I want to leave everything behind act like I never believed,
give up while I'm being chased..
face me for a change,
discover who I really am til nothins the same..
I never wanna remember and forget my life..
I want to be alone with the person inside,
go back in time discover all the reasons why,
I want to walk freely with the wind..
I want to be so alone that my foot steps will echo after each tick,
I want to til' I see an angel,
because an angel to me was never a stranger..
tell'em imma be back later
and disappear into the darkness of the night til' they discover I'm a trader,
I'm gonna keep runnin til' I finaly stop and dround in air..
I want the heat to shoot down til' my eyes sweat tears..
I want to feel pain like never before..
so when I turn back I'm strong enough to defeat this war..

Written By Esra Chebli