Saturday, October 16, 2010

You Never Know

I guess it's true when they say you never know..
when that important thing just leave you and get up and go,
I guess we livin in a unknown world. trust will never show..
appear once again because at lyin we pros
but when we hear truth even the word gives us shivers down our throat
lookin through the rearview what happened to them lessons I thought we learned
but we rowin once again on that same boat
just like enemies evil takes on the most
I don't know why but it seems like nobody can even take a joke
facin reality man its givin us a choke
insanity..I guess its time we build us a new road..
we want the easy way through..shortcuts for hope
but that light slips away so easily because we turnin on dope
simply fallin in the hands of the last message you ever wrote
stop and take notes..
the past decade you've been trynna climb up this rope
damn whys it gettin so hard..when ur hands are soaked with soap
throw this all away to the stars because they never seem to fade to grey
black and white theres nothin to taste
when really we even made that a problem but solved it today
visualize time and we still forgot how to pray
survive "the eye" leavin us speechless of a million words we can say
leave the sun to rise but I bet we find a slower way
while the tech grows countries don't even have water to bathe
what's the resource because all we carrin about is money in the bank..
why can't we push that all down the drain..
this is all for nothin all this bol-shit and pain
is it all for money..nearly forget your own name
from the richest riders to the poorest survivors
even whats in between is caught up in the game
others stay broke while we dream for the fame
look what this world has become man its a shame
lookin at our hole lives and keep buildin mistakes
whats this now its our hole life we gotta rearrange
some people can't see a thing..
I'm speakin words from the shoes of a ring
blood diamond..root to the kings
I'm blinded perfection ain't in the blings
that shouldn't even be a word,..beneath an angels wings
here lives an ordinary girl..
I wish I can sing
how come..? in my eyes I believe its a beautiful way to let out emotions that ring
find there way out with tears that sting..
we all sufferin
money aint happiness
money is nothin
"what is time when we don't even use it to organize our lives"
quit fussin..theres nothin to be rushin..
think about life because its our own hands we cuffin..
"I guess we'll never know when we have a way through until its gone
and your left with nothin to do"

Written By Esra Chebli