Monday, February 8, 2010

I love bein rapped in your arms
you make me better when life gets hard
I love the fact that Im your girl
missin you with every breath I take without you
believe me when I say your my world
I love when you hold my hand
I feel like I can barley stand
I've fallin for you
but even harder just thinkin bout you bein my man
I love when you look me in the eyes
I love how you make me believe I can touch the sky
I was a dead rose...and you helped me bloom
you gave me life, you were my superhero before I knew
I love everythin bout you
I love you
especially your hot looks
got me faintin by the sent of you
am I dreamin?
I'm pinchin my self this can't be real
boy...your actually really next to me
can you feel what I'm feelin?
when I see you my heart beats up to the wall of my chest
I want to be with you on the journey of my hole life
and it's for the best
this isen't just a crush I know it's more
I'll be thinkin of you even when I sleep, thats when I be havin a dream
your imposible to ignore

Written By Esra Chebli