Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Defining ourselves through Materialistic Temptations

 Over centuries this world has come to a great massive eruption. Growing up, and observing the younger generation as it exceeds, more and more bad influences are catching the attention of younger children. Role models in this society are deceiving viewers as to what true beauty is and contrasting between what is wrong and what is right becomes much more challenging. Society used to be diverse with different cultures and practices of beliefs and that’s what made a place so unique and special for its own reasons. Watching the younger generation pass along life, I notice more corruption emotionally and mentally, and I truly believe our role models play a big role as to defining what life is about.
 As I sink into this topic more and more, cosmetic surgery is one of the vastest things that influences the youth negatively. The media sabotages innocent people into thinking they are not good enough; therefore this generates lack of self-esteem and confidence. From models who weigh less than a hundred pounds being six feet tall, to the famous Barbie with a tiny waist and enormous breasts. What happens to be in style is the most abusive manipulating system that targets our younger viewers and troubles them into a problematic future. Adolescences end up paying the cost for the rest of their lives just being in their own bodies with this self-corruption the society has triggered them into. Anorexia is a common disorder many of our youths agonize with today; many parents are forced to watch their child’s life fail before they could ever watch them succeed. Psychologically this reconciles an individual into materialism and temptation.
 The world is a diverse place; each individual grows from a root and blossoms into whatever they desire to be, something appealing or discreditable. As the integers of growth exceed, so does our knowledge, which is theoretical that it will be no longer acknowledged as generations proceed. Materialistic temptation causes an individual to lose focus and stray amongst a path blinded. All of these things branch into a negative outcome to our decision making. Parents can no longer take control, because their children do not understand the accuracy of a parent’s hypothesis being in an older generation; therefore a parent struggles to keep their child safe in the environment they live in while trying to keep them home. Materialistic temptation can encourage you to do the unexpected, blind your reality and impulses you to idealism with unnecessary desires.

Written By Esra Chebli