Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What is love...

They said you cannot force love,
but it only made sense to me that it'll be easy to dig through an opened wound
now, not to be cruel...
but i was able to council my way in and find comfort in the fire of this fume
i sat in your heart and i managed to stay on mute as you desensitized your pain into me
now here's the proof....there is now not only one..but two of you
you see sometimes something as pure as water isn't enough to burn the fire
and that is truth...
now i helplessly wonder ..wheres the cure
while you sabotage the extra weight in your heart...
i mean i figured there have been just enough room...
and you'll realize you are only being abused when you are put to blame for the love you didn't use
but have given to them they initially didn't refuse ...now don't worry you lost comfort
but now here's the real issue.....your dangerously secure
that they don't even have to miss you or owe up to the pain you endure
its suddenly your fault , your the cause for allowing your heart to approve...
you were a crying little boy abandoned by god
lost by cause blaming others for why  you were alone
and just because i was alone for the stupid little reasons
i fell into your game and you crumbled me to pieces
just like the cannabis you blazed tucked into the heart of white sheets
I made you high and yes....to you i was something just as temporary
half the time you answered me blanklessly
what is love...?
they said you are just attached and comfortable..
i didn't understand..
because to me that sounded like love..
and if that wasn't love...then what is?
being detached and uncomfortable.
when i found no greater gift...
after i spent years of my time..
does society now call me obsessive for having you 24-7 on my mind
365 days of the year
or was the pain just a delusion from betrayal..
doesn't sympathy work hand in hand with love i mean?
i could call myself crazy like society would
and id bet they'd control my life if i said they could..
but that's not the problem
here's why relationships are not easily understood
its a war between the devil and angel
the devil will give you options and drug you with temptation
so you betray the real blessing of eternity
while you are a fool to think you aren't mistaken
was i crazy to say its either me or this world?
now please tell me what love is before i complete this statement
they said this wasn't love..
now i don't know who to believe
you or society
because you are just a little to weak
and could barely stop your feet moving towards the ecstasy of such a self fulfilling destiny...
all it takes is just a peak..
just like all it took was a bite for adam and eve
now please be cautious before I allow my heart to bleed
as I conflict with demons internally
to fight this love I'm diseased with hopelessly...
until I say once again only you could make this better..
unless your willing to indeed..

Written by Esra Chebli