Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What if everything had feelings but we just didn't know? imagine objects like a chair actually get hurt when we sit on it
or a keyboard feels good when we press it's buttons..
Imagine people in picture actually come to life and watch us...:/
or spoons feel dirty when we put our mouths on it..
imagine dish washers and dryers felt like slaves..
that's why they gave up on us those good old days
what if the clouds are actually crying when it rains
what if the the whole world was one living organism
and we were just parasites
what if...we were like barbies to a giant
what if we are a story being read to somebody in a different world
or we were someones imagination.
what if this was all a dream ..
How about..
if we were watching our own wrong doings at the moment
and we had a second chance to change?
it's all your intentions

Written By Esra Chebli