Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My shield of dignity is dented in, my pride is of no use, keep your head high was just a verbal recruit, the best lay with internal abuse, myself was just the girl who fumed senseless truths, the causes to my effects like affection and when it was used, now dead, with less love to give and more to inspect, it was stress above and way over my head, nothing to keep as I hold onto the edge, nightmares of losing, hard to let go when you'd sit here accusing, yourself blaming the bruising for the pain refusing his frame for your beauty, restrain, and detain his losing of your worth, because yes..gold is buried in the dirt, and when you sit in the arms of a thief, you feel stolen and lost in the streets, when your bitten by sharp stained teeth, trust you'd be sold with baggage and dreams, you'll be the perfect fit, rapped around the necks and fingers of pricks, yes woman need to go through the drills, it's nice falling but not falling with guilt knowing your gonna break after the hardship it took to build, is a sucker for you but flatter to him, hide yourself among all the dirt but don't play with it, a man is a digger and they always look for the easy way in, the easy targets that'll sit at the surface of their skin, they'll trap you inside, it's like paying a life time bill. Don't put yourself in a situation, where it gets difficult for anyone to understand your interpretation, this isn't stereotypical opinions, each strand of words are simply insidious..because the amount of pain a man could set upon a woman is ridiculous and some are to cold to feel and just feed off the Innocent.

Esra Chebli