Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Atom leafs fall, it's time to change seasons.
broken off branches steppin on pieces.
leave it behind, let the snow mix
in like a remix
time's so different
as I change regions
no changes, less agreements
movin up wages, time is like anemic
stressin over another way to find hope
oh yes, I smell the sent in the air
someone out their graspin it with dope
low for legal assumptions
we can care less..no interruptions
with the corruption a soul is triggered into
no abductions stands with my issue
with the extra residue trapped on brick walls
artists stand a voice through unspoken words
atom leafs fall,
time for the rain to call
no strange appearance, we can arrange a call
better yet you fuck with it all
white sniffers, and green missiles
about to snap with the role
that's what I call, a mistake, in fact I stroll
before I drive a perfect lane
now that's my soul
now that's the future I enroll
but toss it like a ball,
aim for the net..strive for a goal
life is like a basketball game
think of all the people a court can hold
u can impress a crowd while you'll be stressin out
trynna make a living..flex it out
the rest just put you down as u walk about
now..atom leafs fall, it's time to change seasons
you can run from the struggle
but can't stop the ambition to keep dreamin
behind every dream..their is a reason
and behind every dream there is a doubt to achieve it..

Written by Esra Chebli