Monday, March 29, 2010

you wanted to share a little somethin tried to tell me you liked me
wanted to make me your wifey
actin all...nicey
I took shit..even if you hurt me slightley
you see..theres this other chick an shes all pricey
just cuz you were her man don't be actin all mighty
see dis bitch...I mean these bitches..that your liking
this shit, you are probly now shitless from all this fighting
cuz boy you doin it for nothin
one girl after ur somethin
I'm swarin all the way to my bedroom with a smile on my face
when I'm furious with you boy..ain't no lyin today
you think I never got the hang of this game ur trynna play
you fuckin dibshit I ain't got no time for this game
I ain't like yo bitches waitin to pleasure your ass
well boy when I said I loved you..well Imma go on and take that back
playin hot an cold..ain't you to old for that??
well you can go on and keep playin with them sacks
ur lucky I never left yo ass after you lied to me
admitted to it after I was cryin for weeks
when I be hearin shit, and kept it inside of me
never told me nothin so you kept doin yo shit silentley..
don't be lookin in my eyes your a fuckin stupid lie!!
I fuckin hate you with all my pride
you need to go get yourself a life
oh yeah...let that bitch touch you from the front..
go on to the back
daymm someone had to tell me that...
I felt so low and still defended yo ass
well it's about time I leave yo ass..
find myself someone..and this time a REAL man
Imma now use simple words..Imma explain you
and Imma make every word worse...
you think ur hot..but ur simpley Not
have you heard that phrase..?
I added simpley to give it a better taste's there not to hate?
everything should I say...
man your simpley fake..
I know I wear makeup and all..
but even if I were to dump my face in pounds
I don't think it'll compare to yo soul
you..have...a..Big head..
sorry offence
it don't go with yo skinny ass body
so I prefer a bigger body instead..
man das bad for you..
cuz I ain't got high standards..
it ain't no good if thats the truth..
looks aren't everythin to me..
but you didn't even have a personality
whats there to like about you?
the way you act?
or the things you do..

Written By Esra Chebli
...Decide Later... want to add me in your life again..
you want me back
but this time no pretend
you want it to be like before
or start off as just friends
I don't know..
because I don't like the way things ended
should it just be nomore..
or try to work things out like others did..
what for...
it's not like I can't be independent
but my heart is to sore..
so I choose to decide later before...
and I just stay silent..
and keep this pain cuttin within deep my core
and keep playin this violin..

Written By Esra Chebli