Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Down graded
time faded
the crowd hated

what's up with that?
I mean..
He's so..ugh..
and she's just trash

gimmie a moment
the Theory of Connection
how one becomes two
like a second dimension

but that's so senseless
he's so..ugh..
and she's just hell reachin into heaven

all the forensics
the mobility of two
the structural tension
punctual lessons..
he's just perfect
But she grasps through depression

I wondered, always did
is it insecurities
must be something big
something slick
because he's so..ugh
and she's just sick

Written By Esra Chebli
An infestation of diseases, repeated labour and pain
the danger retains amongst my blood, flesh and brain
as I relate to these enemies trapped with me in a cage
no doubts appeal my thoughts won't sustain
with hate, traps my soul, my soul won't embrace
purity fleshed like water down a fossit ready to drain
multiple wounds, kicked and broken with a fractured trace
no my path can't walk straight and master this race
I am pleased, indeed to state
your a cold bitch
like an iceberg ready to break
walking so steadily, until you rap my feet with lace
why the attacks, when they weaken my bones sucking the grain
my nutrition imbalance, starving myself, holding my rib cage
that's how I feel, with you I'm in a sick place
and this shit weighs, me down so heavily as I stitch tape
onto my broken heart, where my wound rains
and my soul faints
into dreams, but the dreams I have are so fake
but when shit gets real, it's like it's to late
wipe that smile of your face, it deserves a new shape
with a few apes in disguise of the human race
that's all it takes
just you to make me feel this way..

Written By Esra Chebli