Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I got so much to say, from my friends to my knees when I kneel down and prey, so much goin on that I can't focus on one and put it into a phrase, to those who don't look at me the same who wont accept me and just throw me away, I've made mistakes and you can go ahead and hate..cuz I aint, the best there ain't nothin to be ashamed..of cuz I ain't the worst and I know ya'll can relate and put this into a verse, you got your ways and I'm not mad at the world for puttin itself first, there's tears slippin off my eyes and runnin down my face, there's fears that I can go ahead and hide and I guarantee it's somethin you can never trace..
it's somethin I'd rather cry on then showin a smile that's really fake it's worth the while so instead I'll wait, I need my space anyway I got nothin to rush I ain't countin down the dates I got my faith, that's all I need with some water to keep the oxygen circulating in my brain..I believen my self I don't need a couple'a teachers to rate my grades or some friends expecting more to take, I'm full of love and I ain't puttin it to waste that's all I got with loads of trust in the bank..I'm just not, risking it..I'm even dreamin through the days, sleepin through the nights wonderin what it's like in somebody elses place, if you can revise..I truly miss the way we used to play..I wish I knew then what was comin my way so I can at least prepare for this corruption today..violent struggles that trapped me in a cage..with a key to break me away and a map leading me out this maze, I ain't all that good at games..but I play'em well..though theres things I can't erase, I don't forget the ones I've crushed..and those who fade because right then and there I'm in instant pain, I cherish memories and the saying of "it's never to late",I got all these questions I create I know I got no use to make there are those I could never replace and those who I'll love until my dying day..so just encase, you know your part of that hit me up as soons as I get the chance to get a hold of time to waste..you know who you are my friend who seems to betray..

-Written By Esra Chebli
At what point?

Another one, another two
am I really losing you?
that's quite a few
they just keep drifting away like the moon..
lightened up my world..
now it's just me and who?
a reflection..a shadow why leaving so soon?
can I fix anything up?
are you not amused?
my jokes..my laughter
is my voice outta tune?
are my sentences like trapped in fumes
when that spark only came from you
it was like an electric balance between us two..
why question myself trynna find anything I can do,
to save the both of us when were obviously through
when theres no mistakes I can fix and never redo
or a person to replace I thought you knew..
I can't wait for you is there anything I need to construe?
man all I wish is we'd at least pursue.
pursue our happiness and believe it's true
because I believened you
and saw hope in just goodbye without at view..
bustin this shit up in rhymes trynna get to you
but nobody can hear me I'm fallin in a loop
spinning and spinning
that I can't put a stop to
wishing and giving
I'm at the point where I'm wishin everything could just stop
and the world could stop turning like that stick around the clock
rollin so fast it's throwin me off the top
quit lookin at the watch it's screwin up my thoughts
wanting to be away from the world and what it's got
this stress and anger got me trippin at the spot
my friends I'm endin at the dot..
tangled up in a knot
what can I say am I makin sense in this font?
hear me out world from those clouds to these rocks
quit throwin me back and fourtth your hurting me as I drop
trynna figure out what this is and what its not
searchin for clues playin detective runnin from the cops
the feeling where my brain's about to pop
it's like no matter what I do I keep gettin mocked
by myself
doin the same thing over and over do I deserve any props?
it's like I'm not accomplishing anything as these words bond..
I can write for so long and still ask myself what it is I'm doin wrong..
but it's so difficult when you cant seem to find the cons..
the motions of moving on
letting go when your really trying to hold on
I've been trying for so long
but things get so hard
come to think of it this walk is goin way to far..

Written By Esra Chebli