Friday, March 16, 2012

This style was just made to be put on display
I made some finishing touches by adding purl fanned out wires
that blended through the hair that came out,
and I also have a vail that came out the same vocal point
that set over the face to the side.

(not finished)

This style is supposed to be for the bridal competition at Skills Canada
taking place April 14, 2012!
I have the finished style, with a few changes, and
ornaments completed and placed in the hair,
soft gold and a bit of color will be added to the hair,
and more cleanliness.
I'm going to get the makeup done and create an outfit
 I'll post my finished style soon!
Made By Esra Chebli ♥
My lonely thoughts

She's underestimated, but relies on me
relies on you..but can she see
whose's all about who leaves
but she cares..because losing was never achieved
she called it lost in her matter
and she never tossed what didn't matter
just made use of her benefit
but got rid of the method after
nothins workin out..but that's what she thinks
but to the other kids, she got it set when shes ready to sink
shes prepared and tuff, smarter then most
it's just academic luck
or the opportunity she took just because she was stuck
now she doesn't face herself with these secrets
but it's slowly building so she rips the pieces
shes falling apart..and knows the reason
but who knows, she doesn't exist in her appearance
one to love, but hard to trust
she lost herself
and found the dust
she came to think that her lonely thoughts need the space
from the existence of people she seems to hate
but hate is revealed as sadness in her eyes
but these days it's hard for one to realize
so shes felt by the blind
because she can't see
felt by the old
because of experiences that repeat
felt by the poor
because it was hard to achieve
but seen by the rich and happy
as a crazy boutique
these are my lonely thoughts
that stray night to day
and they weigh so heavily
on a mellow face
my lonely thoughts..

Written By Esra Chebli