Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'll never be as good as you, no, your 10 woman combined except you never show the feelings of that woman inside, woman are pretty cherishing, but the man you cover her with makes you look like a fool, it's embarrassing, the tears she cries makes you sweat and hold your breath that's why you distant from that woman in your life, you can't handle more then one set, so I always nag and call you selfish, you wont let me replace that woman ur obsessed with..your afraid to play the one committed into you by being with another so you use these woman to make you happy and pleasure ur lady inside, yes I understand because
I'm a woman myself,
so I'll simply ignore you while you go crazy for my help, and you won't move on because I found this woman inside you your ashamed of and you know you'll scare everybody off with her disgusting personality, but it's ok I promise to keep it as a secret, so I blackmail your love and rip her into pieces and the funny thing is I don't even need a reason..I never understood why men seem to never give time, especially when they fall into a bromance, well it makes them feel more like a man, and us woman make it seem like they're committing a crime, possibly seeking desperately for love from another lady because we barely give you any..because men act like they don't need us, like they got enough love so they treat us like we need them but we see them..or should I say her, though when I fall for you I get lost inside so I'm trapped with the woman within you and I begin fighting for your love, and it turns into a whole issue where one of us have to give up, but she'll always end up winning once you finally say it's enough..

when a man falls in love it's a very special thing but to woman it's just another day,
and you cannot train a man to love because a man always loved himself 
and put himself before everybody else,
he already has that one woman in his life within him that no girl could beat
because NO girl is different..

Written By Esra Chebli