Saturday, February 6, 2010

Son To Father

Don't die
please tell the angel  to keep you alive
or i'll tell the angel to take my life
if your gone I wont sleep insomania
I just won't be able to sleep through the nights...
Turnin things into reality
things ended in tragidy..
I open up the lights to feel  your face
so I can be in your sight
you hold onto your chest tight
your skin is so pale and white..
You're hurt and I'm hurting for you
I can't help to see what your going through...
I wish there was something I could do
I'm praying and hoping for death to leave you alone
Dear god help him live forever and on
I can't help but cry..
I can't even imagine how much pain your takin' inside
I'll cherish every moment that I've spent with you my father
I'm thinking of the love you have for my mother
or the times me and you have spent together
it will be only home videos on the t.v screen
or pictures..
those are the only things I'll get to see of you living
along with all the memories..
I wish you get better
but you're only gettin' worse
woke up one day to be hit with your death
I write up a letter to lay on top of your grave
I try to stay strong and brave just for my families sake
but deep down I'm really weak..
I can't even speak..
life won't be the same
who's going to be the grandfather of my kids?
or who will watch my wife and I walk down the isle when I get married?
if it's not you, then it's no one
because the person who I need by my side is buried
When I was a new born, you held me in your arms
It was my life you carried..
maybe this was meant to happen..
maybe there's a reason we should be apart
so I'll accept the way your breaking my heart
I love you dad
but I have to live with the fact that your gone
I'll always be sad
you were the only true freind I had
and now your gone
but I'll make you proud
I know your watching over me ..maybe sittin on a cloud
I'll follow your footsteps
all the way to your grave
I'll try to make you happy along the way
Here I am breathing..
Why does life have to be so misleading?
Why couldn't death take my soul so I can feel the feelin' of releif..
Life is too short and breif..

Written By Esra Chebli