Thursday, February 28, 2013


what is the meaning behind love?, what do those negative strokes as in charges of light a star blinded by the negative energy that grows inside.I mean could it make a difference if you provide that love to that side..the dark negative and a positive to create that light. Look at me..I don't think and thats what makes me special and heart speaks, so senseless words speak to you of you..why should I be drivin by you when you can't hear me like your not listenin..and heres the said no doubts..but doubt that lust she sinks you with..but hear me I speak no I dream to big..or just feel to sick..of being a second option of love..I am sick. beauty is is psychological mind believe this..I seen this..time means nothing but now my heart bleeds this...I'm in no particular mind state..that's why I feel invisible..I feel almost like the game flow free bridges..trynna find my way around in a pipe and even when I do each level gets harder..I live this..this is perfection to my reality..but perfect..that's why the world is so distant..but I refuse to break myself into more multiples of two..just so your in my arms..but I want you so bad I just want myself back..and if I could say it was a mistake..god I'm sorry i betrayed you for that

Written By Esra Chebli