Thursday, January 26, 2012

I put myself in favour to my king, yes you promise to give me wings from blings and other things like..sharing the same bed, the same touch, the same breath, the same fuck..never cheat me, lie to me, I've heard the same stuff, so why? why do I wait in pain and get played in games that exist in reality while I'm trapped in a dream, so that once I wake I begin to hate the shit that's been done to me, do I appreciate? my patience awaits me while I crave the attention, my insecurity's trap me, hold me, tells me..he could only make you happy..Exactly, I use him to mock the cure to my emptyness while I'm madly in love with his manipulations, kinda tacky? it's fake so I seal my lips down with tape so I don't say another word in each day that passes away leavin a trace like muddy footprints on a ceramic base, I tell you how I feel so you you see this as true love or an obsession?

Written By Esra Chebli
In my dreams I grow to be young again
have a second chance with all my lovers and friends
because I'd change a lot knowing I could be tougher then this
nothing rougher then this..
then standing alone relying on a kiss
being a child never thought I'd grow to act like a kid
in fact I'm a bit..weak, far from the tracks, and as we speak
I'm bein run down and kicked to my feet
with my face against a sheet on my bedroom floor
ready to believe I can make it on my own
and set myself free.

Written By Esra Chebli