Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beep, Beep
I be ridin in a GT
with the subs bouncin up high from the CD
my head be bouncin to the ceilin
chrome everythin
nah..I'm just dreamin
normal home down north
ain't expensive
I live down by a school yard.
gotta dodge mini
you parents got it from a used store
with the economy up high
and the recession in
all it be is no work
trynna give in
livin in a small world
everyday is the beginin
I ain't tellin a hood story bout a young girl
drugs, ghetto hood shit
I ain't got no experiences
I ain't never even been merked
my life ain't delirious
I'm just the tool of my own world
screwin myself over
the small things got me so
every sentence got me usin and or..
normal shit people don't see
ain't extraordinary
I just play along with the beat
makin a mill
that ain't my skill
gettin them bills
but that's only me when I be standin on till
I ain't the type to be walkin down streets
makin fights trynna be like the UFC
I was the type of kid that sits lonely under a tree
coutin ants, multiplyin all there feet
the kid were there was never a extra seat
an open door I always preferred to just take a peak
I'm so hood
is what I prefer not to be
because I prefer to just be me
and me is who I prefer people to see
or else I know I be cryin on my bed sheet.
the fancy things in life I don't need
because I got everything that gets me stronger to believe.

Written By Esra Chebli
Rob Jamal Writes-
Rob Jamal Writes produces music but also has tracks which will be on his mixtape comin out very soon, right now he is going through a couple of problems (internet, time, work) but is still tryin his very best to keep his things goin. Disregarding those difficulties, Rob is glued to his music and does not let nothing keep him from doin his stuff. Rob is inspired by his music, and has inspired me. I opened up my hidden talent to him, I started off writing poems, but now I write lyrics and this is something I never thought anyone would care for, until he taught me that it dosn't matter if noone cares, it's how much I care. I want to give a huge shout out to him!! because I know that I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for his encouragment, and he is doin an awsome job acheiving his dream! and I know forsure it will be all worth it in the end for the effort he's putting in this.