Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey daddy..where you been all these years?,
mamma told us you had some stuff to do back at wall street..
you missed my first class
oh daddy look here!!
do you see!!
watch me do a cartwheel
when mamma told me you were comin back
I thought you looked like uncle Jack
ahaha..because he's kinda wide and fat
no..!! because that's his brother in fact!
mamma reads us beautiful bedtime stories
she sings beautiful melodies..
I feel like she tries to tell me..
like she wants to say something
daddy why weren't you here?
why didn't you atleast visit us?

"Baby girl, why all the questons?,
you ain't old enough to understand, it's big people lessons
so come on over and take my hand
I have a little story to tell you
but it's a little sad..
come along and sit on this bench..
.and I'll tell you the rest.."

"when you grow up, weird things happen..
you'll discover something called love..
but you have to make sure your seat belts are fastened
because its a bumpy ride..
you see me and mamma went to school together..
we fell inlove,
so we started to date..
you see..
me and mamma made a little mistake..
that's when she got pregnant
me and mamma kept fighting because we had no money
thats when we decided to seperate
it was no joke..nothin was funny
so while I was a away..
mamma gave birth to you 30 days late
that's when they found out she had another on the way
but I became to afraid..
that's when I called uncle jack to stay
daddy was mad at himself
it was to hard for him to call
for you to ask about
when I tried I rang once..but put the phone down
but I come now
because I'll never be able to forgive myself
you've grown so big
I never even got the chance to see you as a kid
be by you while you were sick
hold you in my arms as a new born
I made mammas heart sore
that's why she don't know what I am back for
theres no point
I'm gonna hurt her more..
but I promise you I wont
that's why I wanna marry mamma and proove to her imma make it work
build this family stronger
hopefully I wont make things worse
I love her
and I love you to
but daddy gotta make up for all of this
 this a big wake up because he got kids
and they are his
so it's his job to take care of'em til the last day he lives..

Written By EsraChebli