Friday, April 16, 2010

walk right past you..
while you keep in place like a statue..
keep yo feelins sucked in like a vacume,
cuz boy I'm about to wack you..
if I could I would blast you..
wreckin my seconds in my minutes of the hours of my day,
keep up with your laughter..
this love is a disaster...
to dem bitches known as the master..
but to me known as a bastard...
trynna haunt me..but you like casper..
racin to me like nascar..
but you know I'm faster,
can't even keep up with yo own games,
in this train you leading me in so many different ways..
get yo directions straight,
keep me happy as long as you stay outta my face,
here let me tie yo shoe lace..
because you ain't gonna be able to walk as long as yo feet tied together
this ain't no bag race..
but make sure yo mouth taped..
cuz you never get yo facts straight..
think you got fame..but you haven't even made it on mtv's made
pissin me off...
like you think I give a fuck
I ain't willin to step in yo house of pain
when you iritate..
like how my ears feel listenin to Tpain
I don't give a fuck if you got them diamands on ur dam chain
cuz all I'm lookin for is a dam change
don't give a shit wut yo mans say..
man you's more risky then a blind date
you was expectin a fine mate..
sorry boy I ain't got time today
don't wanna go with you to this lie parade
you ain't the juice I like, sippin on...lemonade
you's wastin the energy in my gatorade
got me feelin like I'm high on prayin
gimme a kool-aid
nah for real I mean a cool-aid
look what dis fool made
cover half his face in luie-V shades
he be singin like baby huey says..
"pop lock and drop it
tonight it's gon' be some changes no acting sadity"
you make no sence
so I speak yo language and say boo you have me in mentality insanity.. a commonality, how sadely
you understandin me?
ur love is like genetic abnormality
man I can see it like visual modality
my own hospitality
high loss in ma calories
sick of ur monaply
go play dat wit ur hommies
you gon' be the next Mr.Lonely
don't be comin back for me like the police..

Written By Esra Chebli