Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't know how to word this,
but we're always talkin about guys cheating on girls and blah blah blah..
but I'm gonna take it to the next level..and be the girl to speak up on a MANS perspective..
chicks get mad if they find their man just TALKING to another girl..
I don't know why...
apparently he's "committed"'s the one hoe and that's IT..
when is she ever gonna trust him?
how does she expect to trust him if shes not giving him the freedom..or space
a man gotta respect his property..
I mean...a dick can't lay loose forever,
a man won't choose to mess around with a girl whose serious..why?
well because they know what they're getting themselves into..
and when a girl wants to be serious, she gives off the impression of a sex partner and that's it..
but they don't realize that, because at that moment they're just trying to impress a relationship..
so they fall..but the guy thinks she's looking for something else..
and once he isn't giving much attention, they get hurt..
and they start to show what they're trying not to show even more, and that's how they get played..
AND it's not cute to be jealous when you love somebody..that's just F*****
it could be normal I guess but it will escalate to different levels..
girls are like fish..
when guys are fishing, if they catch a fish and don't like it they are gonna throw you back in..
DEPENDING on how much of a hard time you give him as he's trying to put you back in the water..
but girls give such a hard dam time that guys just throw'em to get them off their hands
that's like catching a fish whose biting you and flapping as your trying to put it back in the water..
I mean, I'd just throw it to dry off in the sun I don't care I just want it off my hands,
Girls tend to think about the future when it comes down to guys..
they HOPE to see a future..
they WISH for a moment to drive them towards a future..
like if a guy kisses a girl, next thing you know she's on his ass..
you like me...why'd you kiss me...are you playing me...
like it makes me sick..
face the truth girls..
we're so dam insecure self build up is impossible..
"you can never trust a guy"
"every guy is a player"
it's what we give ourselves off to be..
now I'm not sayin every girl is like this..
and every man is Innocent..
but I'm lookin at the truth nobody ever speaks of..
she starts crying to her friends because her man cheated on her..
when she's been complaining for the past five or six months about the way he's treating her..
and what I don't understand about that is when she goes turning to her friends..
they have a whole load of shit talk to get runnin
but they don't look at the fact that she should of left him in the beginning if it was so obvious..
"a guy never changes"
like why do gay guys have to be so hot?
well we scared off all the good looking ones!
I'm just joking..but it kind of gets that bad..
this is GIRL TALK
encase your wondering..
OK now boys..none of you are perfect..
and I clearly know that every once in a while you screw around even if you love somebody..
it's healthy..
but don't be in your girls face when you got the same shit goin on..
you just hide it..
there are guys who cross the line sometimes..
and same to girls..and girls don't admit that..
they'd be talkin to one guy next thing you know they're in love with somebody else
and the funny thing is you'd never see it coming..
I mean just the other day this bitch was sayin she's in love with me
and when you ask her why she did it...she says you never proved enough..
it kills me..
ok now something else just came to mind..
when a girl is dating somebody and he starts seeing another girl..
and his girl finds out, and it turns out she knows the girl...
why would you give the girl shit...when your man had somethin to do with it too..
I'm always seeing these girls take their boyfriends back as if it was all the other chicks fault
sometimes..girls allow guys to play them..
imagine how much of your life time this takes up...

Written By Esra Chebli