Thursday, May 6, 2010

I wanna spit these words outta my system..I just wanna make a video and clip it..I want you to take a moment and listen..visualize my expressions til I finish..see theres some people gettin into my business,
if ur one of them..then you know exactly what Im talkin about..hold up let me just continue sippin..let me explain...I got enough shit flowin through my box me in your words..and surprise others like its christmas,I aint even know wut it is..I aint christain..since you ain't hearin this and please dont forget this..why you misunderstandin me..I want to vanish..yeah exactly..change my identity..somethin like spanish..
thought you was a friend of me...take me as a soul..since im always leavin for good..
change everything if I could...fuck me over..i would..understand should..stop takin the wrong
impression...what am i doin? show me the expression...cuz im messin..secondly..i aint restin.. just a soul whos intentions are aint prayin to be just sayin..its harder walkin with just one foot...its hard\ to write when you cant read a book..without a recipe its kinda hard to cook..look through these words..I aint mean literaly..nah..visually..Take a look..just one..and try and understand me..

Written By Esra chebli