Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I can't explain how much I like you and everyone can see it,
the only person who never knew was you..or should I say
never believed it..
I want to understand you and know you more..
Puzzle the pieces..
but you wont give me the chance
you just tell me to leave it..
The sound that kept me lyin awake was the voice that told me it'll be just fine..
they said there were a whole pot of fish, there's nothin really your leavin behind
so I told'em it was you I will never find..
I said to them he's different there's somethin in his eyes..
but they told me..
shit girl you must be blind..
they always ask me why,
why is it that I like him so much when he's so precise..
I tell'em bitch get out the way an I dare you to say that twice..
she then said girl take my advice..
don't be runnin back to me sayin I'm right..