Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Is What She Is...

is what she is,
the way you look at her
I can see it'll never be a win, win
checkin her up..down, turned on with her fitness
I'm so hurt with your pickyness
talkin to her..yeah I know it's not my business
but still..
I ain't the wind...
passin right by you..
tossin a smile at you..
but her gloss is what ur into
I go home feelin like I got nothin left to do..
lookin in the mirror
trynna look like her..
when I know deeply and even they say its not what I deserve
but it's so hard to back away from you..
ur the only person I love
you don't know how much I admire even a look..
I'm able to write a million poems..fill up my book
but why you gotta make it so complicated for me..
what you girl would of took..
is what I officially am..
and I can't change that
cuz thats what I'll always be...
I'm done..done playin pretend
do you really love me?