Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a Dream

I wish time could stop spinning and the world would just pause
 at least catch my breath while everything is put to a complete stop
I wish a shooting star can actually grant a wish
don't take credit to a false cause..

I wish I can getaway from the world
surrender this battle
because waterfalls are already beginning to shatter..
and as time rolls I'm falling behind
I'm trynna climb a broken latter
it's hard leavin my weaknesses to hide
as I start a new chapter..

So I was just thinkin..Maybe if I shut my eyes
I can bring myself to that place where no one but me will ever find
pretend this is all a dream
wake up nearly at the end of my life..
feel that sense of relief
like it was only a long dream I had last night

but come I'm still stuck in the same place..
how come I'm out of breath like I'm caught up in the same race
how come I'm still glued onto the same page
how come I'm still wakin up to the same day..

So now that never worked
I'm falling back way down to earth...
wow I'm back on my knees liftin myself up from the planets dirt
the clouds kicked me down
these rain drops are steppin on this girl
round and round once again the world begins to twirl..

time is rushin and these roads begin to extend
I can't even take the chance to even pretend
loads are pilin on my back times a hundred and ten
and hills run up as my muscles begin to descend..

What happens if I had a dream that ended beautifully
onto the next level and I'm caught between you and me
woke up and there was nothin for you to see
my dreams ran away disappeared foolishly

Just a dream
anybody will believe
anything and everything is possible
life can easily destroy a scene
when you think things logical
wake up havin to leave

so I was just thinkin..Maybe I should try and sleep with my eyes wide open
that's impossible right
but I aint reallly jokin
I really wish I could because my dreams don't really understand
this is life
your livin on a completly different land.

Wake up..I'm lettin go of you hands
it's way to risky to sleep
but dreams are all I ever had..

 Written By Esra Chebli