Friday, August 12, 2011

Interconnecting.....NOT ME

I set my sites on, afraid to see a Nightmare
fear placed in the blindness am I staring at the right mirror?
waking to an earthquake nobody can see
twisted in the eye of a tornado I can't breathe
leaches devour, reconstructing my dreams
good verse's evil corrupting my sheets
marching down my throat this stress will release
an I'm capable..pychotic nobody can heal,
this war of freedom my protest can't speak
will it take is blood no time to bleed
about to cut down this grown earth seed..
this world keeps turning..its back, watch myself leave
and I'll retrieve these words verbally
and proceed on accordingly
I got nothing important to me
don't know where I belong what's holding me?
I set my sites on..afraid to face my fears
Fears placed in the blindness replaced with tears
I cannot believe, it's not me internally
broken sensitivity
and I know I had a was set beautifully
the gift given me..I know it won't happen unless I continue struggling
I can't take another breath of pain
I love,, was..this is my last page
hate and hate, it's that strange..

Written By Esra Chebli