Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm saving every breath I've got, but when will I be strong enough to let these words have their freedom, they just wish they'd never be stopped, but trust in my actions it shows in my appearance, it's showin a lot, my jealousy and envy stays behind this dot, is to never be spoken to a soul just leave your jaws to drop, I know a smile will slowly rise because now that I'm down you can finally take the top, even if there were no top in my world, yes I know your shocked, I'm not a pretty girl, I was always lost, I'm so dead..just leave me to cross..on that list of stocks, I never even made it on, forget the talk..the only time I was runnin through a persons mind is when I was bein watched, as I walked by never wanted to assume what they thought, I'd just stress and figure my body needed some loss as I never thought of the cause, People hate me because of who I am disregarding the person I'm not..what you see me to be is not what's hidden behind this lock..I need you to understand that..I could never believe you would be in love, my multi personality but it's me who I's like I woke up in a different place years ahead of the clock, I'm young and mature, though my life paused, what had to occur, my life is a collage, that's why people tend to cut me off, grow out of a relationship so easy, and leave me to frost, but my heart's so warm, it boils to the point my emotions are melted away and cropped, I know everything I had but along came were the things I wish I got, nothing was ever complete on my watch..

Written By Esra Chebli