Sunday, May 2, 2010


my heart is beating..where walking towards eachother..Im bleeding..eyes catch..but Im blinded..Im recked..
its only you and fuck the world..tell me what you feel,you cant keep runnin from the truth,you know I loved you right..gave my all..never slept Im thinkin bout you through the know peoples words never got to me noone was ever right..never believed til you actually gave me something to see..I thought you were the no other,never knew this love was just for fun..til I came up to you..and you ignored me all at once..walked away still wasen't enough..whats killing me the you couldn't take a moment for laughed as soons as my back dont know how much it hurt..I loved you..I loved you..loved you with all my heart..wut did I played it smart...Im only young I dont want to be going through something this hard,you were what put a smile on my face..when things got fucked up..lookin at you made it a better place..but soon I realized you werent here for me..were you for me understand..dont leave me wondering..I dont wanna move on tell you really care? was it all an illusion? were you really there? because you had me livin in a dream..livin a its a nightmare..Im trying to look for heart is beating for needs you..but it dosnt regret leaving you..each breath..Im climbing up a mountain..its hard feeling you...what was I left to do..never treated me like you were suppose this maze..amazed how I walked through it blinded..I found my way out..but it was hard to find it...I love you..but I think Im going to hide it...

Written By Esra Chebli...


Remember those nights we use to chill..hang couple..they just argue even if they dont know what its about..we all sat there and laughed..some sat on the ground..others sat on the couch..broken computer one just walked around..we talked about how we couldn't wait for them summer days..we wanted to camp out and luy never came to mind that we would ever seperate..well now we know nothin will ever be the same..we all cried..I remember when it was just boring..but then I got somethin to look forward can be beautiful..they showed me..this is just one of those experinces, I got the opportunity to taste beauty just a little bit..but I thank my lord I wanted to feel this since I was little kid...oh it was so much fun..there was one who motivated me..there was another tellin me to never give up..I went to school with one..he had a best friend..they were together just about all the time..there so cute..I wanted to know them til the end..the oldest..lived his life to the fullest..I respect him for that..parents chilled..none of us talk, now its just work and payin them its so sad how nothin is like the begining..I wish I can turn back and try everything...but Imma just wait..see what god has to bring..Imma just chill..and remanace to put that smile on my to the forever even if we part..keep doin your thing..I dont care to show that Im takin this hard..

Written By Esra Chebli