Monday, July 25, 2011

Be their to provide me with the respect I deserve
is this what I deserve
I`m beginning to think this is what I earned
when I know its the wrong thing leavin me preserved
but I let it go while I let time emerge
by like I'm blinded by a curse
and its why I let these virgin hands break through the dirt
while he holds back on my breasts I assure..
prayin to god over and over like a cat shakin with a pur
but I`m not purified like I'm buried in a dogs fur,
I'm a pig in disguise of a human girl
nobody gets it I sit here acusin the world
dear god, and I just look down to the floor
how do I bow down to you after what you found in my core
I can`t hide nothin, theres nothin to record
my sins are said and done, I know the angels will report
up to the clouds but please dont gang up on me
barely passed a test in school
now I gotta pass the life test while I process learning
dear god,
I don't know what to say to you
now hit me with an earthquake and Ill shut the fuck up and prey to you
my soul is dead it gave up on me long ago I don't know what to do
bring me back to life that's all I'm asking you
do I deserve it..
I sit here sayin my du3a trynna rehearse it
cryin knowin I cant reverse shit
knowing if I could id just burn this
repeat the same shit forgetting the importance
trynna envision myself in hell but I cant seem to engulf it
but I'm swallowing this shit and I cant take it
I miss you god
I'm sorry I was mistaken
I need you back in my life
Ill serve you over satin
the money means happiness is waitin
I ain't doin nothin without you and you dont gotta take the shit I'm sayin
i Showed zero and that explains through the shit I'm facin
while I sink low given into the temptation
when I know I can heal that through fuckin masturbation

Written By Esra Chebli