Friday, February 19, 2010


My 2010,
I'm startin a new pears..a new me, takin every opportunity my eyes are more wide open for me to see...but more to come when a new day appears..

The diaries of Esra Chebli and Life..
The stage lights..the spotlight be on me.
the attention... tonight the world be dancin
the music...everyone be jumpin
my heart is the world changes
clubbin...we got the subs an..
we all be rockin...til the mornin
we lovin..move we givin..
all we got..we be sippin..with the east coast swingin
holdin..on a mic..we singin...we rappin
sayin who cares we better the paparatzi
be like paris hilton...the big glasses we show off an...
I'm the the spotlight
every news paper, pictures of the craziest hang overs
in the parkin lot there be range rovers
no limos, just trashy...we got them haters
it don't matter bout the mercedes..
we don't care if you think you be gettin them ladies
we got all we got
we put in what we have
don't think of cost
man we just spend
passed out..wakin up in some house
it be 4:30 in the evenin
we just woke up from bein partyed out's night..til the mornin
we club til it be to drunk to drive
we be like brokencyde
things get dirty..
there be no lights
we wake up sorry
but we keep partying like maniacs tl we fallin!

Written By Esra Chebli