Sunday, May 22, 2011
The world Today
People these days can't reach out to one another..I mean I tried it, what happened to friends being like lovers, People these days forget about pride and take it under the covers and push fam to the side, friends are the first and last things on our minds we put into consideration, this is a senseless ride in our destinations, of..learning how to fly in ideal motivations, we use television channels, movies , and body is what we work for, money is what we die for, live for, and happiness is to will for in recreations..we Import, blood rubbin off escorts of products transported through the province in hell war loaded off the coffins in genocidal prospects workin for a mill during conflicts, and who said we have to give a fuck in times we launchin..bombs in countries not even developed and it's a set do you even get up after you hurt her..what happen to respect, what happened to time..patience for less in the motions we let..move on when we got nothin left and we become stronger yet settlin for sex, money, the game, the fame selfish for wanting everything creating bigger stronger pain in the worlds innocence scattered across it's face.

Written By Esra Chebli
Losing My Mind

Trynna release these trapped words..I'm the only one that can save'em
while they scream for me to come rescue it stuck in my basement
where can I go from here, as my feet swing across the pavement
hopin I can come up with the perfect lines but I can't seem to say'em
spit it out of my throat and speak this language
No one will understand, enough with this baggage
I'm goin crazy just left here prayin...
I'm my own prisoner against the guards in invisible faces
Unknown voices tellin me I can make it
pushin me the opposite direction trickin me into basics
rhymes and phases I regularly hate it
listening to the odds hopin to get some inspiration
but I can't reach the master piece stuck with all the information
stop with the bullshit I spit like the shit comin out of the anus
I'm not aimin or lookin to be famous
I'm just saying my life depends on the ages
give me some motivation
lookin back I can finally tie myself into laces
workin like a bitch like I'm trynna work for my wages
and I can barely make up for the payments
my soul is in poverty lookin for the replacements
I'm about to retire over a lifetime maintenance
to cope with the consequence of being painless
I'm aimless in between these lines I can't go back and trace it
searching desperately while I catch myself in the wrong places
as soon as I switch lanes I'm makin some serious changes
while decisions are controlled stuck in different ranges
in my dreams when I'm walkin on stages
No one can hear me I can't possibly say it.

Written By Esra Chebli